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Newborn Sessions - 

When & Where?

Newborn sessions are held in my studio on weekday mornings beginning at 9:30am.  On the day of your session relax and enjoy this day.  We know how tiring those first few days can be as a new parent.   

Sessions are held in the studio where we have access to our entire prop collection. We have a fully stocked studio of everything ready for use for both boys & girls.  Of course if you have any special momentos or cute props you’d like to use you are more than welcome to bring them. Parents are encouraged to be included in a few photos as well as any siblings.

Best time to contact us for your session is while you are still pregnant to set up a tentative date.  Once your baby is born we can finalize the date.

What should we bring to the newborn session?

  • A pacifier is highly recommended as I use it to soothe baby when I place them in a position. Even if you don’t currently use one, I do recommend it just for the session
  • A few bottles of breast milk or formula. Bring more than you think is necessary as newborns tend to eat a lot more in my studio
  • Plenty of diapers and wipes
  • A couple changes of clothing for mom, dad, and for baby
  • Snacks for mom and dad
  • Breast pump if you would like to pump during the session

What should I baby wear to a newborn session?

Newborns photograph best without any clothes on or wrapped, mostly because they are so small and even the tiniest clothes don’t fit them quite right just yet! Please do not dress baby in any tight clothing or anything that has to go over babies head and try not to place the diaper on too tight as these will cause lines to form on baby’s delicate skin.  The studio is full of blankets, wraps, headbands, hats, and props to create beautiful images that you will treasure for many years to come. Every session is custom styled to your tastes so we will be discussing colors and types of props that appeal to you prior to your session or when you get to the studio.

What should we wear to our baby’s newborn session?

I love including parents and siblings in my newborn sessions! But please if you are bringing along a sibling I prefer that you have it coordinated to have them only in the studio for their photos which will be done first and then they can go home or to a park or out to eat with a family member or friend while we finish up with the babies photos.Please try to keep outfit colors neutral with no large prints or logos. Choose either creams and white or put everyone in grey or blacks. This brings the focus of the picture on you and your little one to create a timeless, classic image that you are sure to love. Also, it is always a great idea to bring at least one change of clothes, because accidents happen at the least expected times!

Here are some suggestions for your family that I find come out looking best and go well with any decor in your home.

  • Moms: Black tank top/t-shirt and a white tank top/t-shirt.
  • Dads: Black t-shirt and a white t-shirt. I also often ask if Dad is comfortable shirtless as skin to skin contact pictures with the dad are the most memorable and beautiful. Please discuss this prior to our session.
  • Brothers: I usually photograph boys shirtless so please come in jeans or plain shorts either khaki or brown. If big brother is a lot older and is uncomfortable shirtless, please bring a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt.
  • Sisters: If baby sister is a lot younger, we may photograph her shirtless too so please bring jeans or plain shorts either khaki or brown. A white dress or any color that you think would go well with the decor in your home. Neutral colors like browns, beige, or other lovely fall colors would work well too.
  • Muted colors like light pinks, light browns. Neon bright colors are not recommended as they tend to overpower the subjects. Coordinating colors work well to accent the beauty depicted in your photograph.

If either parent is in a uniformed profession, please feel free to bring in your uniform and we can discuss the best ways to incorporate that into your session. When possible, please let me know ahead of time what items you are planning on bringing so I can prepare a set up that will compliment your items.